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Geometrically Deformable Models for Model-Based Reconstruction of Objects from Range Images

: Gürke, S.

Lemke, H.U.; Vannier, M.W.; Inamura, K.; Farman, A.G.:
Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. Proceedings of the 12th international symposium and exhibition : Tokyo, 24 - 27 June 1998, Car '98
Amsterdam; Lausanne: Elsevier, 1998 (Excerpta Medica. International congress series 1165)
ISBN: 0-444-82973-3
CAR <12, 1998, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Active surface model; deformable models; dental restoration; geometrically deformable models; medical imaging; model-based reconstruction; range image; reconstruction

An important goal in image processing of medical images is in addition to the analysis of images the reconstruction and visualization of scanned objects. The results assist the physician in making a diagnosis and can so contribute to an improved treatment. By means of the reconstruction it is possible to produce implants made-to-measure and adjusted to the individual patient's anatomy. Therefore, the object is scanned and afterwards reconstructed. Now, a high quality implant can be produced using the information of the 3D-model.