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GENIUS. Generating software-ergonomic user interfaces

: Bullinger, H.-J.; Fähnrich, K.-P.; Weisbecker, A.


International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 8 (1996), Nr.2, S.115-144
ISSN: 1044-7318
Fraunhofer IAO ()
Benutzeroberfläche; Software-Ergonomie

GENIUS (GENerator for user Interfaces Using Software-ergonomic rules) comprises a method and the supporting tool environment for the generation of user interfaces from extended data models by means of software-ergonomic rules. The representation of the user interface is based on views defined for the data model. The basic dialogue structure is derived from the data model structure. This ensures the development of task-appropriate user interfaces by transferring the characteristics of the application domain and the user's tasks reflected in the data model to the dialogue structure. The automatic generation of the user interface from the defined views is carried out by a rule-based system with explicit design rules derived from existing guidelines. Output is generated for an existing user interface management system. The software-ergonomic rules in the generation process guarantee the consistent use of interaction objects and a uniformed dialogue structure. The use of the data model as t he starting point for the generation of the user interface ensures the integration of software engineering and user interface design by the consistent use of data for application and user interface development. The generation with GENIUS reduces the development effort and improves the quality of the user interface.