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Geblaese zum Trocknen von Flaechen

Fan for the drying of surfaces
: Gentischer, J.; Schmutz, W.; Litsche, H.; Scheller, H.; Kasberger, P.

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DE 1982-3204757 A: 19820211
DE 1982-3204757 A: 19820211
DE 3204757 C2: 19831208
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a device for the drying of surfaces, in particular the surfaces of cars in carwash machines, be which an air flow generated by a fan is guided through an opening of a nozzle stretching across the surface. In order to reduce power losses and noise emissions, the fan according to the invention is formed by several individual compressors (3) arranged in a row along the row of nozzles, the outlet openings of which directly join to form a common nozzle opening (7) by being connected to the common nozzle (6). The front nozzle part forming the nozzle opening can be made to swivel about an axis parallel to the nozzle opening.