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Gasphasenfluorierung zur Vorbehandlung von Kunststoffen

: Krüger, G.

EURADH '92. Tagungsband
EURADH <1992, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive bonding; adhesive strength; Fluorierung; fluorination; Kleben; Klebfestigkeit; polyolefin; polyolefine; pretreatment; Vorbehandlung

For many polymers a pretreatment which improves the surface energy and the polarity is the prerequisite for a strong adhesion between the surface of these plastics and other materials like adhesives, primers and lacquers. The chemical vapor fluorination using a mixture of fluorine and nitrogen as one of several pretreatment techniques modifies and functionalisizes the chemical structure of the surface in a dept of about 5 nm to 50 nm. Especially the chemical vapor fluorination of poly olefines which show a low surface energy and which are known to be difficult to join leads to a lower permeation of aliphatic and aromatic liquids and to an improved bonding strength and lacquer adhesion. Fig. 1 + 2 show the influence of the fluorination to the bonding strength. Very short fluorination periods of 30 s and long fluorination periods of 20 min lead to comparable bonding strengths.