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A Fuzzy Controlled Rendering System for Virtual Reality Systems Optimised by Genetic Algorithms


Göbel, M.:
Virtual environments '95. Selected papers of the Eurographics Workshops in Barcelona, Spain, 1993, and Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1995
Wien: Springer, 1995 (Springer computer science)
ISBN: 3-211-82737-4
Virtual Environments <2, 1995, Monte Carlo>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fuzzy-Logik; genetic algorithm; Genetischer Algorithmus; Industrieroboter; robot simulation system; simulation; Steuerung; virtual reality

This paper describes a new rendering tool for the fast and efficient rendering of virtual environments. The usage of rendering modules with dynamic level-of-detail technology is the upcoming answer to the up to now insufficient graphical hardware. The paper outlines the design of a fuzzy-based dynamic level-of-detail controller and optimisation with genetic algorithms. Furthermore the potential of this new technology will be shown with the summary of recent development work at the IPA, which has made possible the use of Virtual Reality for the robot simulation, the off-line programming and remote operation of industrial robots.