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Fuege- oder Trennmodul fuer Industrieroboter

Joint or separation module for fine positioning and/or mounting and demounting of parts or tools on workpieces with vibration mounts, esp. for industrial robots - has vibrator head with two plates parallel to base of vibrator head remote from workpiece and driven in oscillation along longitudinal direction so that tool or part holder vibrates in plane.
: Mueller, E.; Rupprecht, R.

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DE 1996-19620195 A: 19960520
DE 1996-19620195 A: 19960520
DE 19620195 C1: 19971120
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The module has a movable vibrator head (2) with at least two plates (6,8). One plate (8) carries a holder (10) for parts or tools. The two plates are parallel to a base of the vibrator head remote from the workpiece and are driven in oscillation along a longitudinal direction so that the tool holder vibrates in a plane. Each plate has a through opening (18,20) for a rotary drive connection from the holder to a drive unit (24) on the other side of the plate from the workpiece. The plate on the workpiece side rotatably encloses the holder. The plates can be positioned wrt. each other and the head base for fine positioning. The positioning and oscillating drives for the plates are each provided by lifting magnets (28,30) interacting with a sprung return device (36,38). ADVANTAGE - Compact module can be manufactured efficiently.