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Fractography and failure mechanisms of amorphous thermoplastics

: Döll, W.

Roulin-Moloney, A.C.:
Fractography and failure mechanisms of polymers and composites
New York/N.Y., 1989
ISBN: 1-85166-296-0
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brittle fracture; Bruch; Bruchfläche; Bruchflächenmarkierung; elastic waves; elastische Welle; electron microscopy; Elektronenmikroskopie; Ermüdungsbruch; fatigue fracture; fractography; fracture; fracture markings; fracture surface; Fraktographie; microscopy; Mikroskopie; Sprödbruch; Thermopaste; thermoplastics

For glassy thermoplastics during the fracture process itself, craze material is differently formed and fractured depending on microscopic parameters such as molecular weight and on macroscopic prameters such as time, crack speed and stress situation. Hence fractography can give valuable information on deformation and failure mechanisms and is an important complementary method to mechanical and micromechanical measurements.