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Formkoerper aus keramischem, pulvermetallurgischem oder Verbundwerkstoff und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Article with property gradation in any direction - is prepd. from ceramic, metal or composite material powder
: Lenk, R.; Adler, J.; Schubert, C.; Teichgräber, M.

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DE 1995-19508959 A: 19950313
DE 1995-19508959 A: 19950313
DE 19508959 C2: 19990812
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A shaped article of ceramic, powder metallurgical or composite material has a material compsn. and/or internal structure which varies continuously or discontinuously in one, two or all three spatial directions. Also claimed is prodn. of the above shaped article by (a) preparing one or more mouldable materials from the starting powder(s); (b) continuously or discontinuously processing the mouldable material(s) in one, two or all three spatial directions (in accordance with the desired final property gradation) to obtain a shaped body, and (c) hardening. ADVANTAGE - The article has one or more property gradients in any desired direction and no geometric restrictions are placed on the article size and shape.