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Formkoerper aus einem Leichtwerkstoff, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und ihre Verwendung

Sintered light material article - consists of light aggregate and alkali metal silicate.
: Goedeke, H.; Werner, J.; Babuke, G.

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DE 1997-19712835 A: 19970326
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WO 1998-EP1485 A: 19980313
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A novel light material article consists of a sintered product containing (by wt.) 60-95% light aggregate (preferably scrap glass, perlite, expanded clay, expanded glass, vermiculite, natural or slag pumice, cenospheres or kieselguhr) and 40-5% water-soluble alkali metal silicate (preferably sodium or potassium waterglass). Also claimed is production of the above article by subjecting the light aggregate and binder mixture to moulding and sintering at 400-1000 deg. C for 0.1-5 hrs. USE - As an insulating body, a building material (especially a wall brick), a furnace lining, a fireproofing element or an exhaust pipe silencer, as moulded blocks for forming exhaust gas systems, for interior sound insulation or for railway sound absorbing segments (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The article consists of inorganic materials and has low density (150-750 kg/m3 dry apparent density), good water and acid resistance and high mechanical strength (0.1-15 N/mm2 compressive strength).