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The formation, relevance and public promotion of new technology based firms

: Kulicke, Marianne; Krupp, Helmar


Technovation 6 (1987), Nr.1, S.47-56
ISSN: 0166-4972
Fraunhofer ISI ()

The following study shows the results of an investigation of two large samples of new technology-based firms from the point of view of their generation rate, their regional and sectoral clustering and the educational and professional background of their founders. The one sample includes approximately 2000 firms, the other 83. Since 1983, both the Federal Republic of Germany (F.R.G.) and individual states within the country have actively encouraged the founding of technology-based firms. The federal promotion programme and that of Baden- Württemberg support the inception of such firms with grants, credits and credit guarantees, and they generally aim at the establishment of an infrastructure favourable to new entrepreneurs. This paper briefly examines the public promotion programmes and outlines the rationale for their inception. Their is as yet inadequate scientific evidence as to both the effects and the cost-effectiveness of these programmes.