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Fluegelstabilisiertes Hochgeschwindigkeitsgeschoss

Wing-stabilized high-velocity projectile
: Bleickert, S.; Maag, H.J.; Zimmermann, G.; Werken, D.

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DE 1994-4427634 A: 19940804
DE 1994-4427634 A: 19940804
DE 4427634 C2: 19990121
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention proposes a wing-stabilized high-velocity projectile (1) which has a tail plane with outward-pointing wings (4) on its end section. A time- and/or pressure-dependent removable and mainly cone-shaped body (7) is placed on the wings (4) which are fixed to the projectile body (2). Thus cone stabilization takes place during the initial flight phase, whereas in a subsequent flight phase and after jettisoning the cone-shaped body (7), wing stabilization takes place.