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Flow and fluidization behaviour of yeasts in gas/solid fermentation and drying.

Vortrag Powtech '85 Symposium 5.-7.Maerz 1985, Birmingham/England.
Fliess- und Fluidisationsverhalten von Hefe bei Gas/Feststoff-Fermentations- und Trocknungsprozessen
: Egerer, B.; Zimmermann, K.; Bauer, W.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers -AIChE-:
AICHE Symposium Series. Vol.91
New York/N.Y., 1985 (AICHE Symposium Series 91)
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Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
fermentation; Feststoff; Fließverhalten; Fluidisation; gas; Hefe; Reaktion; Trocknung

Beside its use in chemical and pharmaceutical industry fluidized bed technology is applied as well in food processing or for gas/solid fermentation with means of pellitised yeast. As for fermentation high water activity of the microorganism resp. a water content of about 70 wt.-% has to be maintained, the fluidization and flow behaviour of the yeast pellets has to be looked upon as a critical parameter for the application of fluidized bed technology here. In this paper the fluidization and flow behaviour of active baker's yeast with and without conditioner was examined as a function of moisture content. Comparing the characteristic values of minimum fluidization and flowability showed a significant interrelation, that can be explained by interparticle forces according to moisture content.