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A flexible target chamber for a Varian 350 DF implanter

: Kluge, A.; Ryssel, H.; Schork, R.

Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, Section B. Beam interactions with materials and atoms 37/38 (1989), S.584-587
ISSN: 0168-583X
International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology <7, 1989, Kyoto>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Ausheilung; geheizte Probe; gekühlte Probe; Halbleitertechnologie; implantation; Ionenimplantation; Isolationsschicht; SOI; Tribologie

The Varian 350 DF has a dual end station. One of these stations can be equipped with an experimental implantation chamber allowing implants of up to 100 mm wafers. In order to allow for more flexible implants especially also for non-semiconductor samples, a versatile chamber with a variety of different sample holders was built. The maximium sample size is 150mm in diameter. For low implantation temperatures down to 77K, a cooled cube is used and four semiconductor samples can be accommodated. A different sample holder allows mot implants of single wafers up to 1000 degrees Celsius e.g. for SOI implants. Since the time to reach the equilibrium temperature is of the order of one second, this holder can be used also for rapid thermal annealing after implantation. Low-energy implants can be performed by applying a bias to an insulated target holder. Experiments down to 2 keV were performed. Applications in the field of surface treatment of metals are possible using two other sample holders which allow the implantation of cylinders or ball bearing races.