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Flexible clamping jaws for circular sections

Flexible Spannbacken für kreisförmige Querschnitte
: Spur, G.; Bahrke, U.

Advancement of Intelligent Production. 4th International Conference on High Technology
Amsterdam, 1994
ISBN: 0-444-81901-0
International Conference on Production/Precision Engineering <7, 1994>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Backen; clamping; Drehen; Flexibilität; flexibility; jaw; Spannen; turning

Today the three-jaw chuck is the most commonly used clamping system in turning machines. In order to avoid damage of the work piece by clamping, the surface pressure between the clamping jaw and the work piece should be very homogeneous in the clamping surface. The aim is to develop flexible clamping jaws for circular sections that are able to self adapt the clamping surface over a wide range of work piece diameters. The adaptation to various work piece diameters and geometries should not lead to a reduction of another very important function of a clamping jaw - the exact positioning of the work piece in the chuck.