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Flat plate collector for process heat with honeycomb cover - an alternative to vacuum tube collectors

: Rommel, M.; Wittwer, V.

Bloss, W.H.; Pfisterer, F.:
Advances in solar energy technology. Vol.1
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1988
ISBN: 0-08-034315-5
International Solar Energy Society (Congress) <10, 1987, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer ISE ()
high-temperature flat plate collector; honey comb; process heat; transparent insulation material

A flat plate collector for process heat applications has been developed incorporating a polycarbonate honeycomb structure in the cover. The paper describes the collector design, indoor and outdoor efficiency measurements and the resulting collector performance data. At delta T = 100 degrees C and G = 800 W/squaremeter, an efficiency of 48% is reached. Some results of a system with 11 squaremeters absorber area and 300 litre storage, operating at temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees C, are reported. (ISE)