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Film Forming Properties of Rape-Seed Protein after Structural Modification (Short Communication)

: Wäsche, A.; Wurst, S.; Borcherding, A.; Luck, T.


Die Nahrung 42 (1998), Nr.3/4, S.269-271
ISSN: 0027-769X
Symposium on Food Proteins <5, 1997, Potsdam>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IVV ()
barrier properties; Barrierefolie; film casting; Gießfolie; HPLC; protein; protein modification; proteinmodifikation; rapeseed; Rapssaat; REM; SEM

Edible proteinaceous films have already been considered as protection of food products due to their oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer control in packing systems. Rapeseed protein isolates and protein rich meal derived from aqueous oilseed extraction were applied in film forming casting technology. The results demonstrate HPLC pattern, SEM-pictures and oxygen barrier properties of proteinaceous films produced by an adapted casting method. The adapted casting method reaches the protein solubilisation of heat denatured rapeseed meal by strong alkaline treatment.