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A field intercomparison of various dust samplers with a reference sampler

: Bake, D.; Elzakker, B.G. van; Laskus, L.; Meulen, A. van der; Zierock, K.H.; Holländer, W.; Morawietz, G.

Journal of Aerosol Science 19 (1988), Nr.7, S.903-906 : Tab.
ISSN: 0021-8502
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; dust; dust sampler; filter; particulate; RDS; reference dust sampler

In field tests at 4 different locations in West Berlin and the Netherlands (which probably cover most of the aerosol concentrations and distributions encountered in Europe) a small-filter sampler with a quartz filter (SFS) and a high volume sampler with a quartz filter (HIVOL), both measuring total suspended particulates, gave results which agreed satisfactorily with the reference dust sampler (RDS) with respective to total suspended particulate material (TSPM): however, at high wind velocities and large coarse-particle fractions, the SFS gave low results and the HIVOL high results to TSPM. A dichotomous sampler and a cascade impactor had high and approximate equal wall losses of approximately 24%. The dichotomous sampler cutoff diameter increased strongly with wind speed. A high-volume sampler for PM 10 with a quartz filter gave PM 10 results which agreed remarkably well with the RDS and also showed very low wind speed dependence.