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Fettreif. Probleme, Ursachen, neuere Ergebnisse. Teil 1

Fat bloom. Problems, origin, new results. Part 1
: Ziegleder, G.; Mikle, H.

Süßwaren 39 (1995), Nr.9, S.28-32
ISSN: 0721-0825
ISSN: 0039-4653
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
bloom; chocolate; crystallization; Fettreif; Haltbarkeit; HPLC; Kristallisation; Schokolade; shelf life; Triglycerid; triglyceride

Fat bloom means a serious quality defect to chocolate products. Cocoa butter crystals are growing due to OSTWALD's ripening, penetrate the dark chocolate surface and develop a visible grey layer. Fat bloom was analyzed by means of HPLC. For plain chocolates bloom consists of a cocoa butter fraction with the dominating triglycerides POP, POS and SOS. For chocolate products, filled with nougat, nuts, almonds, marzipan, bloom contains triolein OOO, in addition. There are different mechanisms of bloom formation, which are started during the production process or longer periods of storage.