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Fermi-edge singularity and band-filling effects in the luminescence spectrum of Be-delta-doped GaAs

Fermi-Kanten-Singularität und Bandauffüllungseffekte im Lumineszenzspektrum von Be-Delta-dotiertem GaAs
: Ruiz, A.; Ploog, K.; Wagner, J.


Physical Review. B 43 (1991), Nr.14, S.12134-12137
ISSN: 0163-1829
ISSN: 1098-0121
ISSN: 0556-2805
Fraunhofer IAF ()
delta-doping; Delta-Dotierung; Fermi-edge singularity; Fermi-Kanten-Singularität; GaAs; photoluminescence; Photolumineszenz

Photoluminescence studies of the quasi-two-dimensional hole gas (2DHG) at a single Be-delta-doped layer in GaAs reveal Fermi-edge enhancement and photoinduced band filling in the lowtemperature emission spectra. Strong radiative recombination is observed of the 2DHG with the photocreated electrons confined by GaAs/Al sub x Ga sub 1-x As heterointerfaces placed at both sides of the doping spike. For optical excitation with a sufficiently large penetration depth to generate electrons on both sides of the doping spike, a filling of the valence subbands with photocreated holes is found for excitation power densities exceeding a certain thereshold. Excitation with light generating electrons only at the near-surface side of the doping spike does not lead to such band filling, but yields luminescence spectra which show a strong enhancement in intensity at the Fermi edge. The observation of a Fermi-edge singularity is indicative for non-k-conserving recombination of electrons weakly localized at the topmost heterointerface.