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Fat Migration and Bloom

Fettmigration und Fettreif
: Ziegleder, G.

The manufacturing confectioner : MC (1997), Nr.2, S.43-44
ISSN: 0025-2573
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
bloom; chocolate; fat; Fett; Fettreif; Lagerung; migration; Schokolade; storage

Fat migration is the main reason for the loss of quality of stored chocolate products. It includes the unpleasant softening of filled chocolates and the hardening of their fillings. Chocolates with nuts, nougat, marzipan or wafers often develop fat bloom because of migration of filling oils. The kinetics of fat migration and the major parameters as product geometry, diffusion constant, storage temperature and formulations are described. HPLC-analysis was used to study the diffusion of triglycerides.