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Faseroptisches Laser-Speckle-Interferometer

Fibre-optical laser, speckle interferometer for detecting surface deformations of objects - has module added to camera lens with beam divider in observation beam path and diffuser plate, adjuster on measurement head orienting end of one fibre whilst maintaining source point position.
: Hoefling, R.; Aswendt, P.

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DE 1997-19714157 A: 19970405
DE 1997-19714157 A: 19970405
DE 19714157 C1: 19980520
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The interferometer has a mobile measurement head with a CCD camera which can be connected to an image processor. The measurement head (1) contains a fibre optical beam divider which divides light from a laser received via a monomode optical fibre between two monomode fibres. The fibres ends can be fixed to a measurement head holder at a lateral distance from the CCD camera so that the light emanating from the ends falls on the object at an acute angle to the camera's optical axis. A module (22) which can be added to the camera lens (9) has a beam divider (23) in the observation beam path and a diffuser plate (24) parallel to the camera axis. An adjuster (20) on the measurement head can orient the end (16) of one fibre whilst maintaining the source point position. The emanating light falls on the diffuser plate and can be coupled by the beam divider into the observation beam path as transmitted scattered light ADVANTAGE - Enables in-plane and out-of-plane measurements with relatively hi gh sensitivity.