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Families, information technologies, and the quality of life - german research findings

: Mundorf, N.; Meyer, S.; Schulze, E.; Zoche, P.


Telematics and Informatics 11 (1994), Nr.2, S.137-146
ISSN: 0736-5853
Fraunhofer ISI ()
information technology; research strategy

We have recently experienced an invreased trend towards the use of information technologies in private households. Private homes have lagged behind in terms of the adaptation and adoption of technology initially developed for industry and commerce. But greater network and machine intelligence have made it possible to perform many functions in and from the home which were formerly restricted to offices and stores. Adoption in the home is a critical mediator between technology and the quality of life. Much of the research on information technology use has centered around the U.S. There have been some efforts to assess developments in other remained at a descriptive level and limited to a single technology. The current paper discusses a German research program dealing with information technologies, families, and the quality of life. The in-depth research compares the adoption of technology in the home over 7 decades. Although there is generally a positive relationship between information technology and the quality of life, a number of problems exist. The paper suggests areas which need improvement. Possible emphasis for comparative studies are discussed.