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Fabrication and performance of 1-dim MODFETs.

Herstellung und Funktion von 1-dim MODFETs
: Hülsmann, A.; Roman, P.; Braunstein, J.; Kaufel, G.; Köhler, K.; Jakobus, T.


Microelectronic engineering 21 (1993), S.393-396
ISSN: 0167-9317
Fraunhofer IAF ()
1-dim MODFET; Streifen FET; striped channel FET

We fabricated GaAs/AlGaAs MODFETs having extremely small channels in parallel perpendicular to the gate. The single channel width was varied from 250 nm down to 40 nm, and the pitch was 500 nm. These devices show an intrinsic transconductance up to 1000 mS/mm. We studied the saturation drift velocity at 300 K and found there is a strong limitation due to additional lateral interface scattering.