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Extreme low power 1 to 4 demultiplexer using double delta doped Quantum Well GaAs/AlGaAs transistors.

1 zu 4 Demultiplexer mit extrem niedriger Leistungsaufnahme unter Verwendung von Doppel-Delta dotierten Quantum Well GaAs/AlGaAs Transistoren
: Nowotny, U.; Hurm, V.; Lang, M.; Kaufel, U.; Hülsmann, A.; Scheider, J.; Jakobus, T.; Bachem, K.H.; Berroth, M.; Hoffmann, C.; Köhler, K.

Japan Society of Applied Physics -JSAP-:
Extended Abstracts of the 22nd Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials
S.75-78 : Abb.,Tab.
Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials <22, 1990, Sendai>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
demultiplexer; fast data communication; fast digital electronics; HEMTs; Heterotransisitor; heterotransistor; low power; quantum well structures; schnelle Datenübertragung; schnelle Digitalelektronik

A 1:4 demultiplexer circuit has been developed and fabricated using a recessed gate process for enhancement and depletion transistors with 0.5 mym gate length based on a double-delta-doped- quantum well GaAs/AlGaAs structure. The process shows a gate delay of 25 ps at 0.5 mym gate length and 16 ps at 0.3 mym gate length. The demultiplexer was designed in Direct Coupled FET Logic (DCFL). First measurements show a data rate of 4 Gbit/s and a power consumption of 165 mW at 1.5V supply voltage, which is the lowest value published for comparable data rates. This includes five 50 Ohm buffers with 0.8V output voltage swing. A design using 0.3 mym gate length is in process.