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External laser beam guidance flexible "Low-Cost" alternative for 3D laser material processing

Alternative für die räumliche Lasermaterialbearbeitung
: Hardock, G.; König, M.; Schraft, R.D.

Institut Industriel de Transfert de Technologie -IITT-, Gournay-Sur-Marne:
MAT-TEC 90. Technologie, comportement et traitement des materiaux
Gournay-Sur-Marne: IITT-International, 1990 (Serie de Transfert de Technologie)
ISBN: 2-907669-17-6
MAT-TEC <1990, Grenoble>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CO2-Laser; Industrieroboter; laser; laser beam guidance; lasermaterialbearbeitung; laserstrahlbearbeitung; laserstrahlführung; laserstrahlschneiden; lasertechnik

In three-dimensional laser material processing often laser beam guiding systems with several axes and a complicated kinematic structure combined with multijoint industrial robots are required in order to achieve flexibility and accessability. These laser beam guiding systems cause problems as far as working concerned. In an overview general concepts as well as concepts for robot guided laser systems are presented. Basing on this the principal explanations of robot guided laser beam guidance systems are introduced. By the help of a pilot laser processing cell, concisting of an industrial robot and a laser beam guidance system, which has been built up at IPA, the different components are investigated for relevant parameters. e.g. kinematics, workingspace, path speed, pointing conformities. The results will be shown especially the influence on the work piece and processing quality. Out of that an improved design of a laser beam guidance system will be lined out.