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Experimentally observed frequency variation of the attenuation of millimeter-wave coplanar transmission lines with thin metallization.

Experimentelle Beobachtungen der frequenzabhängigen Übertragungsverluste bei koplanaren Millimeterwellen-Leistungsstrukturen mit dünner Metallisierung
: Haydl, W.H.


IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters 2 (1992), Nr.8, S.322-324 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 1051-8207
Fraunhofer IAF ()
coplanar; Koplanarleitung; microwave; Mikrowelle

The attenuation of small coplanar transmission lines on insulating InP and GaAs has been investigated experimentally over the frequency range 0-60 GHz by on-wafer probing. The ground to ground spacing d, the center line width w, and the metal thickness t were varied. For thin (0.25-1 Mym) gold metallization, the variation of the attenuation with frequency was found to be dependent on the geometry of the line. A good fit to the experimental data was obtained when the attenuation a was modeled as a is equal to asub0fhighn, where asub0 and n are geometry dependent. The exponent n was found to be in the range 0.15-0.35, and to increase with increasing w/d ratio, which is interpreted to be due to a correspondingly varying frequency dependent resistance and current distribution.