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Experimental investigations and numerical simulations of spatial solitons in planar polymer waveguides



Optics communications 134 (1997), S.49-54
ISSN: 0030-4018
Fraunhofer IOF ()
numerical analysis; optical kerr effect; optical planar waveguides; optical polymer; optical solitons; spectral line broadening

We investigated the beam propagation in a planar polymer waveguide. The conjugated polymer used in our experiments is a solution processable polyarylene vinylene derivative, the DP-PPV/DP-PFV copolymer, which exhibits both a high focusing Kerr-like nonlinearity and an outstanding light and air stability. We report the first experimental observation of spatial solitons in a polymer waveguide. The corresponding spectral broadening could be detected. To obtain a deeper understanding of the experimental results we carried out numerical simulations of the spatial-temporal objects under investigation. The numerical simulations agree quite well with the experimental findings.