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Experiences and Applications with a CAVE at Fraunhofer-IGD

: Müller, S.

Bullinger, H.-J.; Riedel, O. ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung -IPA-, Stuttgart:
1. International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop 1997
Berlin; Stuttgart: Springer, 1997 (IPA-IAO Forschung und Praxis T 51)
ISBN: 3-540-63339-1
International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop <1, 1997, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
CAVE; virtual reality

Since November 1996, a three-sided CAVE (2 walls and floor with a screen dimension of 2.4 m x 2.4 m each) is installed at Fraunhofer-IGD. The goal of this installation is to transfer the technology of the most exciting VR ourput device into industrial applications, to elaborate its usage in sectors where traditional output devices are insufficient and to integrate it in innovative application areas. In this paper, some application projects will be presented: design review (architecture, construction and planning), digital prototyping (assembly/disassembly in car and ship construction), ergonomic studies (air craft industry), and edutainment (virtual oceanarium for EXPO '98). Based on the experience gained in these projects, a five-sided CAVE is now under construction. In this paper, advantages and technological drawbacks of CAVE-technology will also be dicussed.