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Expansion and high proliferative potential of the macrophage system throughout life time of lupus-prone NZB/W and MRL lpr/lpr mice.

Expansion und hohe proliferative Kapazität des Markophagensystems während der gesamten Lebenszeit in LSE entwickelten NZB/W und MRL-lpr/lpr Mäusen

European Journal of Immunology 21 (1991), Nr.9, S.2211-2217
ISSN: 0014-2980
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
autoimmune disease; Autoimmunkrankheit; colony stimulating; extramedullar proliferation; extramedulläre Proliferation; factor; koloniestimulierender Faktor; macrophage; Makrophage; SLE; SLE Maus; SLE mouse; systematic lupus erythematosus; systemischer Lupus erythematodes

Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease, characterized by high titers of autoantibodies against many cell-membrane and intracellular antigens. Polyclonal B cell activation and alterations in the T cell compartment have been described. The present report deals with the organ-associated macrophage (M phi) system of two lupus-prone mouse strains and demonstrates that in both mouse strains the M phi compartment of liver and spleen is clearly expanded. In the liver the number of F 4/80plus M phi is strongly elevated. In addition, presence of early M phi precursors and of extramedullary organ-associated monocyte proliferation in response to colony-stimulating factor (CSF) is documented in liver and spleen of these mice. Further, in normal animals during the first two weeks of life extramedullar monocytopoiesis is present in liver and spleen, which is then down-regulated in the third week of life. In the two lupus-prone mouse strains down-regulation does not occur but extramedul lar monocyte proliferation is sustained at high level throughout life time. As possible correlates for the expansion of the M phi system elevated CSF-1 mRNA levels are demonstrated in kidney, spleen and liver of mice. The possible contribution of the expanded M phi system to B and T cell dysregulation is discussed.