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Evidence of Hybridization from a direct comparison of semimagnetic and nonsemimagnetic ternary lead chalcogenides

Hinweise auf Hybridisierung durch direkten Vergleich von semimagnetischen und nichtsemimagnetischen ternären Bleichalkogeniden


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Part 1, Regular papers, short notes and review papers 33 (1994), Nr.4A, S.1928-1930 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0021-4922
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Halbleiter; luminescence; Lumineszenz; valence band semiconductor; Valenzbänder

The results of a study of the optical properties, especially the luminescence behaviour, of PbSe, Pb1-xSrxSe and semimagnetic Pb1-xEuxSe in magnetic fields up to 7 T are presented. The spectra of PbSe and Pb1-xSrxSe consisting of single lines are interpreted as plasma (band-to-band) transitions whereas the double structure in the spectra of Pb1-xEuxSe is explained by additional transitions between conduction band states and states in a valence band which is generated by the unsaturated 4f levels of the Eu ions in the solid solution.