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Evaluation of stresses in ceramic hip-joint heads

Berechnung der Spannungen in keramischen Hüftgelenksköpfen
: Kleer, G.; Siegele, D.; Soltesz, U.

Perren, S.M.; Schneider, E.:
Biomechanics - current interdisciplinary research
Dordrecht; The Hague: Nijhoff Publishers, 1985
ISBN: 0-89838-755-8
S.353-358 : Abb.,Lit.
European Society of Biomechanics (Meeting) <4, 1984, Davos>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Biokeramik; Endoprothetik; Hüftgelenkersatz; Keramikkomponente; Lebensdauer; Rißausbreitung; Zuverlässigkeit

In ceramic hip-joint heads the stress distribution can be considered as a superposition of the stresses caused by clamping the head on the conical end of the stem and by external forces occurring during body movements. These stresses were analyzed both by Finite-Element calculations and by experimental strain measurements at different sites on the inner and the outer surface of the head. The investigation revealed that by incorporating consequently the experimental results into the calculations reliable descriptions of the stress distributions can be obtained. The maximum stresses which can reach e.g. 190 MPa or even more during jumping and which are still 65 MPa in resting position, determine the structural safety of the head and can be used for developing correct proof-test conditions.