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Anti-reflection coating for glass or plastics panels used in windows, display screens etc. - has anti-reflective surface with superficial roughness that has randomly distributed macrostructures.
: Gombert, A.; Lerchenmüller, H.

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DE 1997-19708776 A: 19970304
DE 1997-19708776 A: 19970304
EP 1998-906800 AW: 19980114
WO 1998-DE117 A: 19980114
DE 19708776 C1: 19980618
EP 965059 B1: 20050525
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The coating comprises a support layer of optically transparent material which has an upper surface with anti-reflective property regarding the radiation wave lengths shining on the surface. The anti-reflective surface side has a superficial roughness with randomly distributed macrostructures. The macrostructures with surface structures of a periodic origin - so-called microstructures - are additionally modulated by the periodic lengths being less than the wave lengths of the radiation incident on the anti-reflective surface. ADVANTAGE - Combines reflection properties of anti-glare layers with sub-wave length gratings. The superimposition of macrostructures on microstructures on one optical surface prevents discrete reflection images and the reduces the proportion through hemispherical reflection.