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Enterprise modelling - base for information system planning.

Integrierte Unternehmensmodellierung - Modellierungsmethode und Werkzeug für die Unternehmensplanung
: Mertins, K.; Jochem, R.

IFIP Transaction. JSPE-IFIP WG 5.3
Amsterdam, 1993
Design of Information Infrastructure System for Manufacturing <1993>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
function model; Funktionsmodell; IEM; IEM-object; information model; Informationsmodell; integrated enterprise modelling; integrierte Unternehmensmodellierung; IUM; IUM-Objekt; object oriented modelling; objektorientierte Modellierung

Today the modelling of an enterpise is enabled by various methods which are used for different purposes and views upon the enterprise. Using an object-oriented approach the Integrated Enterprise Modelling (IEM) concept will integrate different moddelling views in one consistent manufacturing enterprise model and will provide a modelling base for construction of an enterprise model from a user's point of view. Therefore the basic constructs like object class structure and a related process decription method via generic activity model will be presented. The kernel and the main views of a manufacturing enterprise model will be derived. The outline of a supporting computer aided tool will be presented.