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Engineering parameters for the application of immobilized lipases in a solvent-free system

Verfahrenstechnische Parameter für die Anwendung immobilisierter Lipasen in einem lösungsmittelfreien System
: Luck, T.; Kiesser, T.; Bauer, W.

Applewhite, T.H. ; American Oil Chemists Society:
World Conference on Biotechnology for the Fats and Oils Industry. Proceedings
Champaign/Ill., 1988
ISBN: 0-935315-21-7
S.343-345 : Abb.,Lit.
World Conference on Biotechnology for the Fats and Oils Industry <1987, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Druckverlust; Festbettreaktor; lipase; Reaktorauslegung; Reaktormodellierung; Stofftransport; Umesterung

The interesterification of lipids catalyzed by immobilized lipases in a continuous solvent-free process was studied. The important engineering parameters that are necessary for the design of a bioreactor were examined. The pressure drop across the catalyst bed was determined as a function of the fluid temperature, linear superficial velocity, height of the biocatalyst bed and average particle diamter of the biocatalyst. The overall biocatalyst effectiveness factor was calculated numerically. The dependence of its value on different ratios of film to pore diffusion are discussed. The influence of external transport on the conversion of the substrate was tested in a fixed bed reactor. External mass transfer limitations can be neglected for flow rates more than 8,0 x 10 to the 5 m/s.