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Energy policy in the Federal Republic of Germany -West Germany-

: Gruber, E.; Mannsbart, W.; Jochem, E.

ENER bulletin (1991), Nr.10, S.63-78
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Energieeinsparung; Energiepolitik; Energieprognose; Energieverbrauch; energy consumption; energy efficiency; energy forecast; energy policy; Federal Republic of Germany

The article describes the state of the art of the energy policy of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990. It includes the structure of the primary and final energy consumption per sector, its development in the past and a forecast until the year 2010 according to the latest study done by PROGNOS and ISI. The energy efficiency policy in Germany is a market-oriented policy; many programmes started after the first oil price shock. Most of the subsidy schemes were discontinued in the meantime, whereas information programmes were continued on a lower level and often transferred from the central government to the Bundesländer. The German Government has decided on a CO2 reduction of 30% until 2005 in West Germany. The "Enquete Commission of the Earth's Atmosphere" will continue its study programme on possibilities for the realization of the reduction targets.