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Energieeinsparpotentiale in den westdeutschen Ländern

: Walz, R.

TH Zittau:
Symposium "Kommunale Energiekonzepte" 1991. Konferenzbeiträge
Zittau, 1991 (Wissenschaftliche Berichte - TH Zittau 29)
Symposium "Kommunale Energiekonzepte" <1991, Zittau>
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CO2-Minderung; CO2-reduction; energiebewußtes Verhalten; Energieeffizienz; Energieeinsparung; Energiepolitik; Energiesparpolitik; energy conscious behaviour; energy conservation; energy conservation policy; energy efficiency; energy policy

The paper describes the energy conservation potential in West Germany drawing on results of an extensive study program of the Enquete-Commission "Preventive Measures to Protect the Earth's Atmosphere" of the German Bundestag. The analysis of the technical potential to reduce energy consumption by improved energy efficiency leads to the conclusion that overall 35% to 45% improvement in energy efficiency would be feasible. The economic potential of improving energy efficiency which could be mobilized by energy policy amountes to almost 2000 PJ. The demand for energy can be further reduced by decreasing the level of energy services used. Selected examples demonstrate that energy conscious behaviour could be achieved without major changes in lifestyle and could contribute to a substantial reduction in energy consumption. The policy options to reach the reduction target can be characterized as general instruments, such as an energy or C0sub2- surcharge or tax, and sectoral measures, which c over all end-use energy sectors and the transformation sector and aim at removing the mumerous obstacles of improving energy effiency.