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Empfaenger mit niedrigem Ruhestrom

Battery operated receiver with low standby current - has working point of non-linear amplifier shifted in reduced amplification direction, when no amplitude sampled signal is received.
: Perthold, R.; Heuberger, A.; Gerhaeuser, H.

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DE 1996-19650093 A: 19961203
DE 1996-19650093 A: 19961203
EP 1997-117161 A: 19971002
DE 19650093 C1: 19971023
EP 847144 B1: 20050105
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The receiver has an input for amplitude sampled signals, and a non-linear amplifier. There is a low pass filter feedback circuit between the output of the amplifier and the input, for feedback of a low frequency component. The working point of the non-linear amplifier is shifted in the direction corresponding to a reduced amplification, when a signal, which is not an amplitude modulated signal, is received at the input. This action reduces the standing DC current supply demand by the receiver. ADVANTAGE - Extended battery life due to low standby current in receiver.