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Emissions spectroscopy of boron ignition and combustion in the range of 0.2 mym to 5.5 mym

Emissionsspektroskopie im Bereich von 0.2 mym bis 5.5 mym für die Zündung und Verbrennung von Bor
: Eisenreich, N.; Liehmann, W.

Association Francaise de Pyrotechnie:
12th International Pyrotechnics Seminar '87 et 3e Congres International de Pyrotechnie '87. Proceedings
Paris, 1987
International Pyrotechnics Seminar <12, 1987, Juan-Les-Pins>
Congres International de Pyrotechnie <3, 1987, Juan-Les-Pins>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
Bor; emission; NIR; optische Bombe; Reaktionsprodukt; Spektroskopie; UV; Verbrennung; VIS; Zündung

The instrumentation for the time resolved spectroscopy in the UV-VIS range delivers one part of the reaction products like BO and BO2. The IR range shows the molecule bands of HBO2. In both cases we measured in the ignition region and at the end of the combustor. The received spectra seemed to be similar but had different background radiation, due to the ignition phenomena. This effect we observed in the optical bomb, too. The hot gases contained a small amount of glowing particles, which led to a very low continuum in the IR spectrum and consequently showed the efficient burning behaviour of the boron during the short residence time in the combustion chamber.