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EMAS Inside the Galvanizing and Surface Treating Industry - Results of the German Pilot Project

: Kauschke, P.; Nagel, C.

ECO-Management and Auditing Conference 1998. Conference Proceedings
Shipley / West Yorkshire: ERP Environment, 1998
ISBN: 1-872677-17-7
ECO-Management and Auditing Conference <1998, Sheffield>
Fraunhofer IML ()
EMAS; Galvanik; Galvanische Industrie; Gefahrgut; Oberflächentechnik; Umweltkennzahl; Umweltmanagement; Umweltmanagementsystem

The introduction of an environmental management system is both challenge and chance for small and medium-sized enterprises. To a considerable extent this is true for the enterprises of the galvanizing and surf ace-treating industries with their high consumption of partially harmful working materials, high waste and waste water quantities as well as floods of environmental regulations to be adhered. However, this putatively unfavourable basis in particular is almost a guarantor for to bring ecological and economical objectives of an enterprise into line by targeted and dispensed environmental management.