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Elements and approaches of social shaping of work and technology in CIM projects promoted by the German indirect-specific CIM programme

: Schneider, R.; Wengel, J.

Brödner, P.; Karwowski, W.:
Ergonomics of hybrid automated systems III. Proceedings
Amsterdam, 1992
ISBN: 0-444-89520-5
International Conference on Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Automation <3, 1992, Gelsenkirchen>
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Arbeit; Computer Aided Design (CAD); CAM; CIM; evaluation; Technik; Technologiepolitik; technology; technology policy; work

In the public promotion of advanced manufacturing in Germany the several manufacturing technology programmes of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT) and particulary the indirect-specific CIM programme play an important role. Primarily aimed at the acceleration of the use of computer integrated manufacturing in German manufacturing technologies industries, the promotion concept also stressed the relevance of planning, organizational considerations and training. Nevertheless, results form the evaluation based on a survey with 850 firms show that the implementation of CIM in industry mostly follows technically-oriented concepts. Even though the programme focussed on the application of CIM techniques it had an important impact on technological development via the amplification of the demand for CIM technologies and support of RTD aimed at the adaption of standard solutions to individual needs. Supplier-user-relationships observed underline the need for a more detailed dis cussion of this factor in social shaping of work and technology.