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Electron beam outlet window
: Roeder, O.; Panzer, S.; Seyfert, U.

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DE 1992-4219562 A: 19920615
DE 1992-4219562 A: 19920615
EP 1993-911733 A: 19930503
DE 4219562 C1: 19930715
EP 646283 A: 19950405
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The known electron beam outlet windows (Lenard tube) have a high absorption as a result of the required thickness of the foil or use cooling devices and complex support structures. By avoiding these disadvantages, a simple-to-produce window with low absorption can be produced. The beam outlet window in known devices is enclosed in a vacuum-tight metallic foil and, resting on it on the vacuum side is a support grid made of high-temperature-resistant fibre bundles attached in a frame. The electron beam outlet window is specially suited for relatively low electron energies at high electron beam power density.