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Elektrochrome Einheit

Electrochromic unit used for LCD or LED display - comprising electrochemical cell, electrodes, ion conductor, and electrochromic material.
: Hambitzer, G.; Stassen, I.; Schmidt, C.; Doerflinger, U.

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DE 1996-19622600 A: 19960605
DE 1996-19622600 A: 19960605
EP 1997-108264 A: 19970522
DE 19622600 C2: 20010802
EP 811871 A2: 19971210
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Electrochromic unit (1) comprises an electrochemical cell, two electrodes (3,4), an ion conductor between the electrodes, and an electrochromic material. The ion conductor is a proton-conducting membrane (2) and is a carrier for the electrodes (3,4) which are metal electrodes. The electrochromic material (7) is applied on the side of the electrode (3) away from the membrane (2). USE - Used in LCD or LED display elements. ADVANTAGE - Transparent carriers and electrodes are not required. The unit has long term stability.