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Electromagnetic smog - a damage and stress factor?

: Hommel, H.


Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics 17 (1987), Nr.3, S.441-456
ISSN: 0302-4598
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The impedance behaviour of conifer needles in dependence on different ecological and anthropogenic factors opens up new aspects in research on forest damage and points out synergistic actions previously not subjected to research. This revelation of an electromagnetic stress of increasing intensity not recognized up to now, the combination of electrophysical metabolic processes with the effects on air pollutants and the position of bioelectrochemistry point out the way to more comprehensive enlightenment on the stress factor of electromagnetic smog. Research in this field is still not being supported. Amongst other items, the following are urgently necessary: examination throughout the year of the impedance in coniferous (needle-bearing) trees, measurement of the stress on the plant metabolism caused by high frequency as well as other comparative measurements of field strength distribution in pollution-affected areas.