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Electromagnetic emission checking of the strength of concrete

: Gordeev, V.F.; Malyshkov, Y.; Chakhlov, V.; Baumbach, H.; Kapphahn, G.; Slowik, V.; Birkholz, W.

Defektoskopija = Russian journal of nondestructive testing 38 (1993), Nr.7, S.425-428
ISSN: 0130-3082
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Beton; concrete; electromagnetic testing; elektromagnetisches Verfahren

The ability of materials to generate radio pulses during deformation and fracture has been known since the 1960s. Electromagnetic emission is generally related to processes of the separation, movement, and relaxation of charges in the gap between the walls of cracks occuring or developing. An electromagnetic signal usually arises already at early stages of loading. The kinetics of its change reflects the main stages of fracture of a solid. The relation between electromagnetic fields and processes of the formation of a crack and failure determines the expediency of using the phenomena of electromagnetic emission for evaluationg the strength properties and flaw detection of nonmetallic materials. The possibilities of nondestructive evaluation of the strength of silicate glasses and optical articles were analyzed. The prospects of using electromagnetic emission for checking processes of the failure and for evaluationg the bearing of concretes were investigated in the present.