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Electrical efficiencies of fluorescent planar concentrator stacks -FPC stacks- combined with GaAlAs solar cells in computer simulation

: Heidler, K.; Kamps, G.

Bloss, W.H.; Pfisterer, F.:
Advances in solar energy technology. Vol.1
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1988
ISBN: 0-08-034315-5
International Solar Energy Society (Congress) <10, 1987, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer ISE ()
bandgap; concentrator; efficiency; fluorescent planar concentrator stack; GaAlAs homojunction cell; light(diffuse); Monte Carlo methods; optimization; simulation; solar cell; spetrum splitter

A FPC stack/GaAlAs solar cell system has been optimized using a Monte-Carlo computer model. The calculations show that the overall electrical efficiency can be increased and the thermal relaxation losses in the solar cells can be reduced significantly by matching each solar cell bandgap and dye emission spectrum individually. 7% overall electricall efficiency at an optical power concentration of 2.7 has been calculated in the best case for a three sheet stack, each sheet with a 400.400.2 cbmm geometry. (ISE)