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Eiweißpräparate aus Süßlupinen

Protein preparations made of sweet lupins
: Luck, T.; Wäsche, A.; Borcherding, A.; Jahn, G.; Müller, W.-D.

Fleischwirtschaft 75 (1995), Nr.11, S.1308-1310
ISSN: 0015-363X
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Eiweißpräparat; Fleischerzeugnis; lupin protein; Lupineneiweiß; meat product; pflanzliches Eiweiß; protein preparation; vegetable protein

Due to the valid meat ordinance and the principles on meat and meat products the proportion of protein and German meat products is almost exclusively derived from muscle protein. Due to its properties this physiologically highly nutritional protein is ideally suited to meet all functional demands of the processing technology, such as water and fat retention, structural formation and colour. In addition, the proportion of meat supports the physiological nutrition value of meat products (vitamin B, essential amino acids, iron). Depending on the product and the recipe meat products can, however, contain a relatively high amount of fat. What is more, even lean meat (bound to the fat of cell membranes) and adipose tissue contain between and 50 and 80 mg/100g cholesterol, whereas vegetable proteins and fats, for example, are cholesterol-free. Besides protein derived from meat other proteins can be used in the production of meat, e.g. proteins from milk, blood plasma, eggs and vegetables. The se alternative sources of protein frequently offer the user functional properties which can be utilized in product engineering.