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Eisenberger Ringfixateur. Ein neuentwickeltes Ringfixationssystem

: Weber, C.; Seifert, T.; Ahnert, H.; Damm, C.; Guyenot, V.

Medizintechnik 116 (1996), Nr.2, S.61-64
ISSN: 0344-9416
Fraunhofer IOF ()
Eisenberg fixater; Eisenberger Ringfixateur; External-fixater; Fixateur-externe; ringfixater; Ringfixateur

External fixation devices are regularly by orthopaedists and traumatologists for treatment of bone fractures, bone defects as well as for bone lengthening. This new design is a conceptual adaption from astronomy and air-simulators. The six legs (spindles) allow the movement in three planes of two elements which are connected. By lengthening the spindles a smooth and continuous reposition of two bone fragments in three planes is possible "floating reposition". Design of new parts makes application quick and technically easy. The modular system makes adaption for all possible anatomical applications possible. The special computer software program can prepare postoperatively a control program for each individual patient. Advantages are: The design concept produced by IOF solves various existing problems of external fixation of two bone fragments in apposition and their free movement. The improvements mean for the patients and surgeons an exacted bone reconstruction in three planes as well as reduction in operation time and on-time of the device.