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Einsatz hocheffizienter Flachkollektoren in Mitteleuropa für solare Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung

: Marko, A.; Goetzberger, A.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V. -DGS-, München:
8. Internationales Sonnenforum 1992. Energie und unsere Umwelt. Bd.1
München: DGS-Sonnenenergie-Verlags GmbH, 1992
Internationales Sonnenforum <8, 1992, Berlin>
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Hochtemperaturflachkollektor; Prozeßwärme; simulation; solare Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung; TWD; Wärmekraftmaschine

Using Transparent Insulation Material (TIM) in the construction of a bifacial flat collector resulted in a highly efficient collector with a better efficiency for low radiations and high temperatures than any existing flat plate collector. Based on the performance of a model for high temperatures, the power conversion in a heat engine is theoretically investigated. The efficiency of the thermal engine is assumed to be half of the Carnot efficiency; a realistic approach for a power range higher than 500 kW. In this system, the temperature dependence of the efficiency of the collector decreases as the temperature dependence of the heat engine increases. By optimising the product of the efficiencies, a maximal annual electrical efficiency of 9.1 % has been reached in simulations. The use of cogeneration has been estimated.