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Einrichtung zur standardisierten Funktionsanwahl bei komplexen technischen Geraeten

Device for the standardized selection of functions on complex industrial machines
: Nirschl, G.

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DE 1983-3339796 A: 19831103
DE 1983-3339796 A: 19831103
DE 3339796 C2: 19880601
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention is a process and device for the function selection of complex technical equipment having standardized operating sequences and standardized interfaces. The interactive module is universally applicable by means of a universal dialog processor and programmable displays and function keys. Furthermore the invention refers to a process for user prompting implemented by displaying an interactive protocol in conjunction with a conventional user prompting method (e.g. menus), said protocol permitting at the same time the control of the interactive sequence by using programmable displays and function keys.