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Einrichtung zur Pruefung von Fahrzeugraedern o. dgl., insbesondere zum Betriebsfestigkeitsnachweis an Motorrad-Raedern

Arrangement for testing motor vehicle wheels or similar under working load conditions, especially for detecting working strength.
: Fischer, G.; Grubisic, V.; Klock, J.

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DE 1998-19800350 A: 19980107
DE 1998-19800350 A: 19980107
EP 1999-100114 A: 19990104
EP 928961 A2: 19990714
DE 19800350 C2: 20000302
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NOVELTY - The arrangement has a holder (6) for rotatable attachment of a vehicle wheel (3) and for pivoting it into different camber angles. The tire on the wheel can be brought into rolling contact with the inner surface of a drum (11) arranged about the wheel and with a drive arrangement. A vertical or radial force and a lateral or axial force can be applied to the holder by vertical and lateral loading arrangements (9,10) connected to the holder via linkages. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The drum's inner surface carries a startup ring adjacent to the try with an angled surface facing the try. The holder is displaceably mounted so that the wheel can pivot for automatic camber setting about the wheel contact point. The holder has a mounting (8a) for at least one motor cycle wheel with single-sided attachment of the mounting to the remaining part of the holder. USE - For testing motor vehicle wheels or similar. ADVANTAGE - Enables working load conditions to be reproduced with reduced cost and time. The test results can be transferred to the practice of wheel manufacture relatively simply and reliably.